Uncontested Divorce

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There is no such thing as an amicable divorce. Divorce is always an emotional event in people's lives. That does not mean, though, that the process necessarily has to become frustrating. Remember, after the dust has settled, you will be moving on with your life. If children are involved, your ex-spouse will still be part of the family picture.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Illinois, family law judges will expect the involved parties to do everything they can to resolve disputes outside of court. In many cases, divorce can proceed without a costly court battle. Through collaborative methods of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, many spouses can save frustration and often a significant amount of time and money.

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If you and your spouse have come to terms on many or most of the issues involved in an uncontested divorce settlement, it makes sense to talk to an experienced, knowledgeable attorney to lead you through the legal process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Call attorney Rickey Ament at Abrams & Ament, P.C., to arrange a free consultation. We have offices in Buffalo Grove, Waukegan and Palatine, Illinois, to serve you better.

Let us help you resolve complex issues without the need for costly litigation, including matters such as the division of marital assets and your child's best interests.

Attorney Ament is certified in collaborative law and is a trained mediator. He has extensive experience using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to address conflicts.

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Marriage is a legal contract between two parties. Simply put, divorce is the legal process of formally breaking the contract through the courts. It is important to understand what the terms of settlement will be and how they will impact your life and the lives of your children in the years following the final divorce judgment. Attorney Ament will clearly explain the process, which court hearings you may be required to attend, how to resolve any remaining disputes and what choices you have along the way. Through everything, you remain in control of accepting the final settlement.

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