Prenuptial Agreements

Our Cook County And Lake County Family Law Firm Can Help With Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

When entering into a marriage, it is important that the necessary steps be taken in order to protect your individual assets and interests. At the law office of Abrams & Ament, P.C., we handle the creation of prenuptial agreements and other marital contracts to ensure that the documents best suit our clients' needs. Attorney Rickey J. Ament has over 40 years of legal experience and confidently leads our firm in helping clients understand the benefits and possible drawbacks of a prenup agreement.

If you think you might need a prenuptial agreement, or your fiancé has asked you to sign a prenup, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation in our Waukegan or Buffalo Grove law office.

What Is A Prenuptial Agreement?

Sometimes called a prenup or prenup agreement, a prenuptial agreement is basically a contract that is put into place in order to protect an individual's separate assets when entering into a marriage. This contract protects your assets and ensures that they remain outside the scope of property division in the event of a separation or divorce in the future. It is important to explore the possibility of a prenuptial agreement well in advance of the wedding date to ensure ample time for drafting, review and negotiation of the document.

We represent clients who are seeking the creation of a prenuptial agreement or wishing to negotiate a prenuptial agreement that has been presented to them on behalf of their future spouse.

After The Wedding

In addition to handling the creation of prenuptial agreement documents, our firm can also assist clients in structuring postnuptial agreements. This type of agreement is set forth to accomplish essentially the same goals as a prenup agreement, but the creation takes place after the actual legal marriage has occurred.

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