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With over 40 years of experience handling a variety of legal matters, and 15 specifically in the area of family law, our staff at the law office of Abrams & Ament, P.C. is dedicated to helping clients in Cook County and Lake County, Illinois, deal with paternity issues that may be complicating their lives. Guiding and advising clients in these matters is attorney Rickey J. Ament. He is able to work closely with clients, helping them understand the importance of establishing paternity and the effect that the correct paternity designation may have on their children.

The legal process of determining the father of a child is called paternity. Both parents have equal responsibility for raising their children. They both have a duty to support the children and both have the right to be an active co-parent in the lives of the children.

With the development of new technology that is utilized in paternity cases, it is easier than ever to determine the paternity of a child. A simple swab from the inside of the cheek can be the key to gaining access to your child or obtaining the proper amount of child support. We are well-versed in these procedures, can explain the DNA paternity testing process, along with helping you file a request that the test be performed.

Our firm represents individuals on either side of the paternity matter. Whether you are a mother seeking to establish paternity in order to hold the father responsible for child support, or a father seeking to establish paternity in order to gain access to his child, we can help you understand your rights.

Please call us at 847-991-6700, or contact us online to schedule a consultation. During this time, we can help you understand your rights and options when faced with a situation in which paternity is an issue.