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At Abrams & Ament, P.C., we are skilled at implementing the collaborative law process in order to quickly and efficiently resolve your family law issues. If you are looking for a cost-effective way of resolving your family concerns, a skilled Lake County and Cook County collaborative law attorney can guide you in the right direction.

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Buffalo Grove And Palatine Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Collaborative law is a new concept in Illinois, taking the mediation process one step further. The parties both retain attorneys trained in the collaborative law concept, and the four parties work toward the best resolution of all issues involved in the dissolution. However, the parties agree that while the collaborative effort is proceeding, neither party will institute court proceedings.

The only exception is an agreement to use the court system to implement some parts of the collaborative agreement. Collaborative law can be used to resolve such issues as:

What Happens If Litigation Arises Following A Collaborative Law Session?

If the collaborative effort fails, the attorneys WILL NOT represent the parties in court proceedings. The parties will have to get different lawyers to represent them in court. Rickey Ament is a trained collaborative law attorney who can assist you in resolving your family law matters outside of the courtroom.

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