Alternative Dispute Resolution

At Abrams & Ament, P.C., we believe the best way to avoid the high cost of divorce litigation is to resolve disputes before they escalate. If you reside in Lake County or northwest Cook County in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area and are considering filing for divorce or involved in any type of family law matter, talk to certified collaborative law attorney Rickey Ament. We have offices in Buffalo Grove, Palatine and Waukegan, Illinois.

"Let me help you through your family dispute resolution and custody issues without the need for costly courtroom litigation. As an experienced certified collaborative law specialist, I have seen how effective mediated settlements can be." - Attorney Rickey Ament

Attorney Ament has been focusing his legal practice in the area of Illinois family law for more than 15 years. During his career, he has gained experience in a full range of methods for alternative dispute resolutions, including settlement negotiations involving a trained mediator.

What Is Mediation?

Illinois family law courts expect parties in divorce and custody litigation to do everything they can to resolve disputes outside of court. One of the most effective methods of alternative dispute resolution is mediation. Parties agree to a series of meetings with a trained mediation professional who reviews the disputed issues and directs negotiations toward a fair settlement. Both parties are encouraged to hire their own lawyer and other professionals, such as tax experts, financial planners and child welfare specialists, who may also be brought into the negotiations, as needed. When the parties resolve the disputed issues, the mediator drafts a settlement proposal and submits it to the court for a judge's approval. Upon adjudication (judge's approval), the settlement proposal becomes a court judgment.

In many cases, even the most complex disputes can be resolved through mediation in two or three sessions. Clients find the process less frustrating and feel they remain in better control of the process.

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